Contracting for Structural IPM Services--Tools and Resources

This web page provides guidance and resources for developing contracts and bid documents for structural pest management services that will help agencies meet their goals of reducing both pest complaints and pesticide use.


Hiring a Structural IPM Service Provider:


EcoWise IPM Contracting Toolkit
EcoWise Certified's August 2008 IPM Contracting Toolkit will help you develop a successful structural IPM program and contract for structural IPM services. It covers elements to consider when developing an IPM policy, roles and responsibilities of the agency (or business) in an IPM program, and how to hire and work with an outside IPM service provider. The EcoWise IPM Process, helpful resources, and sample documents are included in the Tool Kit.

IPM Toolkit (County of Sacramento)
The County of Sacramento's IPM Toolkit will help public agency staff responsible for developing and/or implementing “in-house” IPM policies and procedures. It provides guidance on setting up IPM programs, sample bids and contracts, model ordinances and forms, pest management practice, and a list of IPM vendors and experts.

Document Library--Federal General Services Agencies
This federal document library contains guidance documents and business practices for integrated pest management, including Integrated Pest Management Program, Contract Guide Specification

Workshop materials: Wise Ways To Get the IPM Service You Want, November 6, 2007



Handouts from the U.S. General Services Administration:

Sample Bid Documents:
(for additional samples contact the UP3 Project Manager at )

Workshop materials: Structural IPM Contracting training, May 23, 2007

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